There are several taxi operators in Kosovo, fares are cheap and official taxis are marked and metered.  It’s preferable to book your taxi in advance by calling. Taxi Roberti, London, Beki, Urban, City, Golden, Blue are all reliable operators.  In general, it is advisable to use taxis from a reputable company if possible.

pany if possible.

Car Rental

Renting a car in Kosovo is also possible, with a choice of several internationally-recognized rental companies as well as local operators.


Bus travel is the preferred means of public transportation as it is frequent, clean and cheap. Routes cover most of the country with major attractions mostly within an hour or two from the capital. Pristina is the country’s hub for bus travel and also offers service to international destinations in other Balkan countries such as Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and others.

Within Prishtina, several bus lines cover all the districts, although the downtown can easily be explored on foot.

For more information contact the summer program team at

Please note that all students attending the program will be provided with a monthly bus ticket. This ticket is valid only for bus number 4.

Bus #5 (a private bus line) also travels to campus for $.40.