Program Package Price

€4,440 (roughly $5000)

The program package covers the following:

  • Six transferable credits (two courses) from the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  • Seven-Day Regional Study Tours to Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia or to Albania, Greece and Macedonia (including  transportation, hotel, meals and related costs)
  • Two one-day cultural excursions in Kosovo
  • Seminars and Workshop
  • Basic Course in Albanian Language (15 hours)
  • Accommodation throughout the entire six-week program. This includes accommodation in Pristina from 18 June 2017 until 28 June 2017.
  • All meals throughout the program: breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday through Thursday at the RIT-K canteen, and a stipend for Friday’s meals in town.
  • Bus ticket from the hotel – downtown – RIT-K campus (28 June – 28 July)
  • Phone card: each student will be provided with an IPKO phone card (€3 credit).

Estimated Additional Costs:

  • Round Trip Airfare to Kosovo
  • Books & Supplies: € 90 ($ 100)
  • Phone card refill: Students can refill their IPKO card at the local IPKO offices in Pristina. For those coming out of countries with locked phones, please unlock before arrival to Kosovo – or inexpensive phones can be found in Prishtina.
  • Transport to/from the airport: The ride from the airport to RIT-K campus is 20 minutes and costs € 15 ($17). More information will be provided closer to date.

Other Personal Expenses

Personal expenses during the program vary based on individual spending.  While most of the meals are covered in the package fee, weekend meals and personal transportation costs differ depending on student preferences.   Meals in Kosovo are very reasonably priced from a range of €2 – €5 ($3 – $6) a dish.  Public transportation €0.40 cent ($0.50) and taxis from €1.50 – €5 ($2 – $6) in the surroundings of Pristina. Please contact our student advisers for more information about pricing in Kosovo.
Please note that evening and weekend events organized by students will be at student own expense.


Additional course:
3 Credit Course: € 1,520 (roughly $ 1,650)

Payment Guidelines

There is no application fee. To reserve a place in the program, students should pay a non-refundable reservation fee of 200 EUR (220 USD). This fee will then be deducted from the total of tuition payment.

Full Tuition Deadline: May 20, 2017

Based on students’ needs, the Tuition Fee can be paid via International Transfer OR PayPal.

PayPal payments can be made by clicking on the payment icons below.

Payment options

Bank details for International Transfers:

Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo (RBKO)
Account name:  AUKF- Prishtina
Account Number: 150-100-100-3342-712
IBAN code: XK051501001003342712

** Cancellations received on or before May 20 will be entitled to a full refund except for the 200 EUR/220 USD Reservation Fee.