Welcome to the Summer Program 2017 in Kosovo

18 June – 28 July, 2017

The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Peace and Conflict Program enables participants to work with academic specialists and distinguished practitioners from the fields of military, diplomatic, human rights and humanitarian affairs with extensive experience in the Balkans and globally.

The program offers courses in:

  • The Origins and Resolution of Violent Conflicts
  • Conflict Resolution and Transformation
  • The Economics of Post-Conflict Transformation
  • Political Violence, Extremism and Terrorism
  • Documentary Film and Journalism

This unique program combines the experience and talents of academics and practitioners and provides a  practical, hands-on perspective on global conflicts, which takes advantage of our proximity to the recent wars in the Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and elsewhere in Eurasia.

Students and professionals are invited to participate in this well-established and memorable experience:

  • Balkan Study Tour that enables participants to meet with policy makers and activists
  • Study abroad for six weeks with renowned experts
  • A blend of theoretical knowledge, with practical experience, skill-building
  • Expand cultural and social horizons
  • Tour historic, cultural, and politically significant sites in the scenic Balkans and Kosovo
  • Meet with senior officials among governments and civil society activists in  the region
  • Develop new and lasting friendships with people from over 45 countries
  • Optional Internships available for interested students

Share experiences with one another, and much more, at the RIT-K Peace and Conflict Program.