RIT Kosovo Peace and Conflict Summer Program Introduces dance into the program

We are excited to announce that we are adding dance to the curriculum within the summer program!

Have you ever wanted to use dance as a means to understand, create and spread awareness about peace and conflict? Through this program, you have the opportunity to create and perform choreography in post-conflict locations, bringing up conversations where there’s sometimes silence.

Work with some of the best dancers, choreographers, and teachers in Prishtina, Kosovo. Study choreography, ballet, modern, somatics (yoga/pilates), contemporary, partnering, improvisation, and composition.

Through powerful potential of dance, we unveil social issues and take steps towards change, leading to a final professional performance on aspects of peace and conflict at the end of the program.

Each dancer receives individualized attention and is given the time and structure to develop their artistry.

This is an opportunity to have a true dance company experience with principal dancers of the Kosovo National Ballet and an award-winning international choreographer.

The Kosovo National Ballet:  https://unmik.unmissions.org/one-day-life-kosovo-woman (PROMO VIDEO)

https://vimeo.com/214560482 (Transitional justice).

“Choreography by Teuta Krasniqi, Prima Ballerina Kosovo National Ballet”


Further information regarding the course can be found here.

Applications for the Peace and Conflict Summer Program 2018 are now open

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24 June 2018 – 27 July 2018

Study Tour to Albania, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Serbia
Faculty Blending Global On-the-Ground Experience with Academic Expertise
Courses on Conflict Transformation, Violent Extremism, Development and Human Rights

The Peace and Conflict Summer Program features:

• Informal Seminars, Workshops, and Internships
• Meetings with Public Officials and Civil Society
• Cultural Events, Entertainment and Short Excursions
• Academic Courses on Peace and Conflict

Participants earn six undergraduate semester credits from the
Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.